Sound in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Dialogue in films is when two or more characters have a conversation. Sound effects in films are noises used to replace certain actions and Music in films is used to set the mood in scenes to draw the attention of the audience.

I chose the movie Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the dialogue in this movie is consistent throughout the entire movie, in the beginning the dialogue seems quite normal and average between Clary and her mother as well as her friend Simon. As the plot continues, there are more serious and intense dialogue as well as having a little bit of humor.

The music in this movie from the beginning sounds eerie to some extent because it deals with a sort of magic and demonic creatures, for this movie is considered an action-adventure science fantasy.When Clary enters the gothic club in the beginning,besides the background music playing within the club she see’s Jayce, that is when the music gets more intense as she witnesses him killing what she finds out later to be a demon.Music plays throughout the entire movie but draws you in to watch to find out what is to happen next.Classical music is used to show suspense, except for the romance scene which a love ballad is played.

There is quite a bit of different sound effects used, from the crack in Isabelle’s snake like whip, to the sound of Jace pulling out his sword. Or when Clary gets attacked by a demon disguised as a dog and she blows it up in her kitchen. The use of sound effects make the scene more interesting and can be more intense especially when using surround sound because it makes them seem more real.

Alone using the music involved makes the movie more action packed, and the sound effects used when The characters pull out a sword or a knife to slay a demon makes it more fantasy as well as science fiction.

I would say that the growling and barking of the demonic dog was very realistic even though it was computer animated and expected as soon as you see it. The chiming type sound when drawing knives and swords to me are expected but not realistic. If the sound effects and the music were to be taken out of this movie, it would have a negative effect towards the audience,if would be confusing to what was happening and boring. The music and sound effects are what makes movies inticing.