Sound in Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Dialogue in films is when two or more characters have a conversation. Sound effects in films are noises used to replace certain actions and Music in films is used to set the mood in scenes to draw the attention of the audience.

I chose the movie Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, the dialogue in this movie is consistent throughout the entire movie, in the beginning the dialogue seems quite normal and average between Clary and her mother as well as her friend Simon. As the plot continues, there are more serious and intense dialogue as well as having a little bit of humor.

The music in this movie from the beginning sounds eerie to some extent because it deals with a sort of magic and demonic creatures, for this movie is considered an action-adventure science fantasy.When Clary enters the gothic club in the beginning,besides the background music playing within the club she see’s Jayce, that is when the music gets more intense as she witnesses him killing what she finds out later to be a demon.Music plays throughout the entire movie but draws you in to watch to find out what is to happen next.Classical music is used to show suspense, except for the romance scene which a love ballad is played.

There is quite a bit of different sound effects used, from the crack in Isabelle’s snake like whip, to the sound of Jace pulling out his sword. Or when Clary gets attacked by a demon disguised as a dog and she blows it up in her kitchen. The use of sound effects make the scene more interesting and can be more intense especially when using surround sound because it makes them seem more real.

Alone using the music involved makes the movie more action packed, and the sound effects used when The characters pull out a sword or a knife to slay a demon makes it more fantasy as well as science fiction.

I would say that the growling and barking of the demonic dog was very realistic even though it was computer animated and expected as soon as you see it. The chiming type sound when drawing knives and swords to me are expected but not realistic. If the sound effects and the music were to be taken out of this movie, it would have a negative effect towards the audience,if would be confusing to what was happening and boring. The music and sound effects are what makes movies inticing.



The long Kiss Goodnight

The Long Kiss Goodnight was made in 1996, Written by Shane Black and produced by Renny Harlin. Main characters: Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson

Samantha Caine (Geena Davis) is a schoolteacher in the small town in Pennsylvania, with her fiancee Hal (Tom Amandes) and her daughter Caitlin (Yvonne Zima). She has amnesia  from 8 years prior, having been found washed ashore on a New Jersey beach, and has hired a number of private investigators to try to find out who she used to be. The latest being Mitch Henessey (Samuel L. Jackson). During the Christmas holidays, Samantha is involved in a car accident and suffers a brief concussion, and when she recovers, she finds that she possesses skills with a knife that she cannot explain. Some time later, they are attacked by “One-Eyed” Jack (Joseph McKenna), a convict who escaped from jail after seeing Samantha’s face on television, but amazingly was able to fight off and kill Jack . Samantha leaves with Mitch, who has been able to find a suitcase belonging to her, to seek out answers.

The suitcase contains a note leading them to Dr. Nathan Waldman (Brian Cox), who they arrange to meet at a train station, unaware that unknown agents are tracing the doctor’s calls. Samantha discovers the bottom of the suitcase contains a disassembled Remington 700 which she amazingly and unkowingly assembled, along with other weapons. At the station, Samantha and Mitch go to meet Nathan and are attacked by a number of agents, but the two manage to escape with Nathan’s help. The doctor reveals that he knows Samantha is really an expert CIA assassin, Charlene Elizabeth “Charly” Baltimore, who had disappeared eight years prior. Unsure if they can trust him, Samantha and Mitch leave Nathan behind and seek another contact named on a note within the suitcase, Luke (David Morse), believing him to be Samantha’s fiancée. Nathan catches up and they realize too late that Luke was Samantha’s last assassination target “Daedalus”; Luke kills Nathan, captures and tortures Samantha, during which she remembers her past life. Samantha escapes, kills Luke, and escapes with Mitch.

Samantha/Charly struggles with the duality of her life, realizing that the Samantha Caine personality was her cover to get near to Daedalus eight years earlier, and considered abandoning it. Mitch helps her to recognize the importance of her daughter to her. Continuing to search for answers, Samantha and Mitch learn about Daedalus’ involvement in “Project Honeymoon”, which she has disrupted on her mission eight years earlier and resulted in One-Eyed Jack’s incarceration; “Project Honeymoon” was a false flag chemical bomb detonation in downtown Niagara Falls, New York, planned out by the CIA, used to place blame on terrorists and to secure more funding and power for the department. Samantha realizes that a new group is plotting to repeat the attack, led by her former boss at the CIA, Leland Perkins (Patrick Malahide) and a past target of hers, Timothy (Craig Bierko), who Samantha, as Charly, had a romantic relationship with in the past. She and Mitch head to Niagara Falls, and learn that Timothy has kidnapped Caitlin. Which forces the two to sneak in and try to rescue Caitlyn but were forced to attack.

Mitch is  injured in the attack, but gives Samantha cover for her to  chase to the truck. She overpowers the truck’s driver, driving it out onto an empty bridge before it overturns.  Critically injured, Samantha frees Caitlin and tells her to clear the bridge, but Timothy’s agents prevent her from leaving. Mitch suddenly arrives in a car, races across the bridge, and picks up Samantha and Caitlin in time before the truck bomb explodes, killing Timothy, the remains of his force, and destroying the bridge.

In the end, Charly has returned to her assumed identity as Samantha Caine, moving with Caitlin and Hal to a  farmhouse in the country, and declines an offer to rejoin the CIA. For his part, Mitch enjoys the publicity attracted by his role in the crisis, and is last seen being interviewed by Larry King on television, where they discuss Perkins, who was indicted for treason.

Clearly that was a long explanation of the movie, but this movie was presented in chronological order but also had flashbacks throughout the movie. The aesthetic choice of this movie was set up to be action packed and basically it was meant to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what amazing moves Charly did next. i believe that if this movie was presented differently, it would not be as exciting, plus it had a fair amount of humorous parts as well.